Byron’s electronic instrument of choice for concert touring and for playing at his festivals. He can boast that this particular instrument was the first of its kind to be imported into the UK from Germany.

Byron discovered this fine example of Compton Organ engineering at a church east of London and made an offer. With the help of several friends he has restored it to its original 1927 splendour and it is now housed in a new church hall setting near his home in Filton, Bristol, England. You can find out more about the history of this great instrument, its new home and the restoration work, the monthly concert schedule etc. by logging onto www.wizardcompton.org.uk

Another much-travelled instrument is this beautiful little WurliTzer imported from New York State. Now, lovingly installed in Byron’s own home, it is the envy of many visiting organists. Originally from the Hollywood Theatre, Gowanda, NY, it had been rescued by Byron’s good friend, the late Harry Marciniak, and painstakingly repaired and installed in his home near the WurliTzer factory where it was made.

In addition
Byron is an inveterate collector when it comes to musical memorabilia and instruments. He also has in his collection another Wersi, the Spectra, used for dance gigs, a fine Hammond B3 with Leslie, a roll-player piano, a charming little band organ, various antique, mechanical musical instruments and thousands of pieces of sheet music.

By clicking on the Compton name you will be taken to Byron's special Wizard Compton site, where you will learn all about this amazing instrument.

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